Sunday, July 25, 2010

Welcome and Such

In my eagerness to blog on Tomato Tarte Tartin, I forgot to write a short intro to what this blog is all about.  My current life obsessions are midwifery (and that which comes along with midwifery) and cooking.  I use the word obsessions because I was just asked at a dinner party what were my obsessions in lieu of asking what my job was etc, and I really like that.  I plan to use this blog to document new recipes and the process of trying to go from a cookbook cook to creating outside of a recipe.  I will also discuss some of the joys and demands of being a midwife, but I'll probably focus more on cooking.  I do feel like there are many similar things about cooking and midwifing and that no one life focus can move along parallel to another without intersections.

One interesting intersection was this dinner party.  Good summer cookout food, complete with veggie options.  When it comes up that you are a midwife, birth inevitably becomes a topic of conversation.  At this party, which was mostly filled with artists, almost all of the women that were mothers had had home births.  It was a small party in a hippie town but this is still rare.  I work in a hospital setting, but think home birth is wonderful and wish it was more supported in this country, especially by OBs and insurance companies.  Lack of support equals lack of access.  There are many women in this country who could not afford a home birth even if they knew to look for it.  As nice as it would be to work solely with a population seeking out midwifery care and natural birth, I would miss the diversity in my patient population especially bringing personable care to those who may not have had it otherwise.
Oh and I made Chocolate Malted Cupcakes and Warmed Chickpea Salad with Shallots and Red Wine Vinaigrette, both recipes from Orangette.  Delicious.

Soon to come - Buns in the Oven's own recipes and more photos - promise.

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