Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Not gone...just detoxifying

December was a whirlwind of baking, crafting, packing and planning - as I'm sure it was for all of you.  Now that I'm back in New England for good, I'm kicking off the year with a detox diet.  Partner in Crime is joining me in this one, which really makes it easier to do. 

After all off my different diet schemes over the years, it's a little hilarious to hear him complain about the food he misses.  We hardly ever have any bread in the house, unless it's homemade or for a special occasion, but you should hear this guy yearning for a loaf of bread.  On day#2!  I'm not trying to be mean, I can relate from other diets.  It just makes me feel like we are both human, when before I felt like I had no willpower.  And that's funny sometimes.

So three reasons we need to detox.
1)  The discovery of Oreo Truffles - which are not only ridiculously easy to make, they are absurdly delicious.  A jar of these babies makes an excellent holiday gift (they occasionally don't make it to the recipient in cases of last minute pre-detox desperation).  Sorry Bo & Carol - it was for the greater good.  Make them for someone and I guarantee they will ask for the recipe.  Find it here.

Truffles pre-refrigeration. I like how you can see my reflection in the background.

Ready to eat!

2)  Berkshire Brewing Company's Coffee Porter - which has become my favorite beer of the moment.  It tastes great with an Oreo truffle or two.

3)  I am determined on making the traveling team for my roller derby league and feel that reigning in my eating for the new year can only help.

Despite the extra work that goes into the detox diet, I am doing quite well.  The diet is Whole Living Magazine's 28 Day Challenge and focuses on removing common allergens, sugar, processed foods, caffeine and alcohol from your diet.  Then you gradually begin adding dairy, soy, and wheat back in. 

I'll be sure to share some whole food, healthy recipes soon!


  1. my body could majorly use some detoxifying after the holidays! can't wait to see what kind of recipes you have to share.:)

    also, these look sinfully delicious. man oh man.

  2. Just found your wonderful blog! New follower!

    - Jessica
    (All Things Cajun)

  3. Ok - those truffles look insanely good. And with a BBC Coffee Porter... oh my.